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1 4/27/2016 Felons Huge 16-15 None submitted
2 4/27/2016 Giantz XCONS 14-1 None submitted
3 4/28/2016 Dying Quails Jager Bombers 15-0 Dying Quails start the season off strong scoring 8 runs in the first and never looking back.
4 5/2/2016 Huge DDC Blueprint 18-9 Huge broke out with 2 7 run innings to pull away from Blueprint.
5 5/5/2016 Transformers Giantz 9-3 Transformers win the first game in the rivalry.
6 5/9/2016 Hagfish HDC 15-8 Hagfish held the lead all the way through. HDC made it exciting with a 6 run 5th inning, but the Haggies were able to shut them down to close out the game.
7 5/9/2016 Giantz Watchdogs 15-9 Back and forth all game with the game tied at 7 after 5. Giantz pulled away to capture the win.
8 5/10/2016 Dying Quails DDC Blueprint 26-1 Quails cruise to an easy victory over a scrappy DDC squad.
9 5/10/2016 El Destructo DHS 11-10 Tight game from the first pitch to the last for these two rivals. DHS came out strong in the 1st, but El D managed to hold on to a small lead from the 2nd through end, though DHS threatened to blow it open with loaded bases in the top 7th.
10 5/11/2016 XCONS Huge 16-1 No comments, but the X-Cons shine over Huge.
11 5/11/2016 Felons Jager Bombers 18-3 Felons take the victory.
12 5/12/2016 Hagfish TEAM 6-3 A defensive gem. The two teams pulled off 6 double plays plays between them. The Hagfish scored 5 in the first inning and that's all they would need.
13 5/12/2016 Transformers Watchdogs 17-9 Transformers take down the Watchdogs
14 5/16/2016 Hagfish Transformers 17-12 A defensive gem. The two teams pulled off 6 double plays plays between them. The Hagfish scored 5 in the first inning and that's all they would need.
15 5/16/2016 Watchdogs Huge 12-11 Watchdogs battle back to take the win
16 5/17/2016 DHS Giantz 18-10
17 5/17/2016 Felons XCONS 11-10 Felons sneak out a 1 run win for early season bragging rights.
18 5/18/2016 Dying Quails TEAM 11-3 Quails stay hot.
19 5/18/2016 El Destructo Watchdogs 13-8 Awaiting feedback.
20 5/19/2016 Transformers DDC Blueprint 18-1 Awaiting feedback.
21 5/23/2016 HDC Huge 4-2 Awaiting recap
22 5/23/2016 Watchdogs DDC Blueprint 19-2 Watchdogs well balanced attack scoring 19.
23 5/23/2016 El Destructo Jager Bombers 8-4 It was close from the first pitch through the last out with these two perennial rivals. Runs came in bits and pieces for both sides, with tight defense keeping the score tied for much of the game. Cutlet helped himself out with a long drive in the top 7th, but the Bombers threatened to tie things back up with runners on in the bottom of the inning.
24 5/25/2016 Giantz The Knights of Columbus 16-6 None submitted
25 5/25/2016 HDC DHS 14-6 DHS scores 14 on the way to victory.
26 5/25/2016 Hagfish Dying Quails 13-10 Another close game between the long time rivals. Haggies jumped out to an early lead only to see the Quails get in front in a monster 4th inning. But this year's squad is proving itself to be a resilient bunch as the Hagfish were able to come back in the 6th and take the lead for good.
27 5/26/2016 Felons DDC Blueprint 26-0 Felons dominate.
28 5/26/2016 TEAM Jager Bombers 17-2 On a beautiful Thursday night TEAM was able to take advantage of a short handed Bombers to their first win of the season.|
29 5/31/2016 DHS DDC Blueprint 16-0 DHS dominates keeping Blueprint off the board.
30 5/31/2016 Transformers Felons 12-2 Transformers continue to show offensive prowess.
31 6/1/2016 El Destructo Giantz 9-4 The Cannon-Tracey battery stepped out strong with solid defense behind them and received support in the form of a granny from Chuckles and a 4-4 hitting seminar from Patrick.
32 6/1/2016 Hagfish Jager Bombers 13-12 The Hagfish keep doing it the hard way with another come from behind victory - this time in extras. After tying it up in the top of the 7th, the Haggies got the go ahead run in the top of 8th and closed the door in the bottom of the frame.||
33 6/1/2016 XCONS The Knights of Columbus 14-13 None submitted.
34 6/2/2016 Dying Quails TEAM 13-8 Close game with Dying Quails taking the lead for good with a big 6 run bottom 6th.
35 6/2/2016 HDC DHS 0-0 Forfeit by DHS.
36 6/6/2016 Transformers Huge 9-4 Transformers continue to stay on a roll picking up another win.
37 6/6/2016 XCONS Jager Bombers 18-0 X-Cons dominate.
38 6/6/2016 Felons The Knights of Columbus 0-0 Forfeit by K of C.
39 6/7/2016 Hagfish DDC Blueprint 24-4 Hagfish win going away.
40 6/7/2016 Giantz Watchdogs 13-8 Giantz seal the win with a late game surge
41 6/9/2016 El Destructo Giantz 10-2 el Destructo remains a force to be reckoned with. Reports from their fans that they are "el nino."
42 6/9/2016 Jager Bombers Huge 22-5 Jager Bombes played with 8, but shined at the plate.
43 6/13/2016 Watchdogs Huge 8-6 Another close game between these two teams. Brian M. pitched fantastic and helped his own cause with two triples.
44 6/13/2016 Felons NO LOSING TEAM 0-0
45 6/13/2016 DHS NO LOSING TEAM 0-0
46 6/13/2016 Transformers The Knights of Columbus 5-0 No update
47 6/14/2016 Giantz DDC Blueprint 19-4 The Giantz continue to shine.
48 6/15/2016 Dying Quails Hagfish 3-1 Another great game between the long time rivals. Amazingly tight pitchers duel between the best 2 pitchers in the league with flawless D on both sides. Quails squeaked out a victory behind some clutch 2 out hitting by Nik C and absolute gem from Doug! Haggies and Quails fittingly split the season series, exchanging 2 run victories.|
49 6/15/2016 XCONS Felons 11-7 Felons take a loss with their heads held high instead of walking the halls in shame with a forfeit.|
50 6/15/2016 The Knights of Columbus DHS 8-6 K of C Defeats DHS 8-6 for their first win of the season behind the regal pitching of Lou R.
51 6/16/2016 TEAM Huge 0-0 Forfeit by Huge.
52 6/16/2016 El Destructo HDC 0-0 Forfeit by HDC.
53 6/20/2016 Giantz Transformers 13-5 SBS picks up bragging rights.
54 6/20/2016 El Destructo DHS 18-5 El D jumped out strong with a 10 run 1st inning, and Rainert settled quickly into familiar rhythms in his first start back off the DL, leading to a tight pitchers duel for the remaining six.
55 6/21/2016 Felons TEAM 10-6 Felons pick up the win.
56 6/21/2016 HDC Watchdogs 13-9 HDC takes down the Watchdogs.
57 6/22/2016 The Knights of Columbus DDC Blueprint 20-0 K of C shuts out DDC.
58 6/27/2016 HDC Giantz 23-9 HDC wins over the Giants 23 to 9 great game
59 6/27/2016 XCONS Watchdogs 0-0 Forfeit by Watchdogs.
60 6/29/2016 Dying Quails Huge 27-2 Quails dominate start to finish handing Huge the loss.
61 6/30/2016 Jager Bombers TEAM 13-6 Jager wins.
62 7/6/2016 El Destructo NO LOSING TEAM 0-0 Both teams get a win. Umpire was not scheduled.
63 7/6/2016 Felons NO LOSING TEAM 0-0 Both teams get a win. Umpire was not scheduled.
64 7/6/2016 DHS Hagfish 20-4 DHS pounds the Hagfish.
65 7/7/2016 Dying Quails Jager Bombers 13-0 Dying Quails stay hot like the weather shutting out the J Bombers.
66 7/11/2016 Hagfish Transformers 14-4 Hagfish shut down the Transfomers to return to the Win Column.
67 7/11/2016 TEAM The Knights of Columbus 11-1 Injury shortened game with Team leading the game when the injury took place.
68 7/12/2016 DHS Watchdogs 21-7 DHS prevails over the Watchdogs
69 7/12/2016 HDC XCONS 14-5 HDC takes the winů
70 7/13/2016 Dying Quails El Destructo 8-5 Dying Quails knock el Destructo from the unbeaten ranks. Close game between the undefeated el destructo and the 6-1 quails. Quails scored 2 in the first and never trailed but destructo was always within striking distance. The quails strong pitching and defense prevailed despite their bats having an off night. Sure to be a rematch in the playoffs.
71 7/13/2016 TEAM Huge 0-0 Huge forfeits.
72 7/14/2016 The Knights of Columbus Felons 0-0 Felons forfeit
73 7/19/2016 10-9
74 7/20/2016 TEAM Hagfish 0-0 Hagfish forfeit
75 7/20/2016 HDC DHS 16-5 HDC tops DHS.
76 7/21/2016 Dying Quails Felons 8-3 Quails win 8-3.
77 7/21/2016 XCONS Jager Bombers 19-3 X-Cons rout the Jager Bombers.
78 7/26/2016 HDC XCONS 14-0 DHS shuts out the X-Cons.
79 7/26/2016 Transformers El Destructo 6-1 Transformers top el Destructo handing the defending champs their 2nd loss in a crucial game battling for playoff seeding.
80 7/27/2016 TEAM DDC Blueprint 17-1 Under the lights along the East River, Team rolled to a victory over Blueprint.
81 7/28/2016 Jager Bombers Hagfish 11-10 Jager Bombers squeak out a victory against the Hagfish.
82 7/28/2016 Transformers HDC 7-6 The Transformers continue their playoff push sprinting up the Standings board.
83 8/2/2016 Hagfish XCONS 15-12 Hagfish storm back after trailing 5-0 early.