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Commissioner Status

If you wish to reach the Commissioner, contact Larry at 917-807-0947.If you are sent to voice mail, please make certain to leave your name and number.   All items that involve game day (i.e. forfeits), should be conducted via a phone call. You may always reach the Commissioner by email.

Welcome to the Kevin McAuliffe City Softball League

2017 Season

3/19/2017 - The League is transitioning to a new mobile platform. There is some limited space available for a few new teams for those still interested in joining. #GWhyNotSoftball

3/1/2017 - Promotion for new teams ends today. #GWhyNotSoftball

2/6/2017 - The Super Bowl is over and it is time to turn the page and look forward to the 2017 Season. If you are interested in joining, please contact the Commissioner via Text or Phone. Existing teams should have received an email. #GWhyNotSoftball

2016 Season

9/1/2016 - Congratulations to the Dying Quails who defeated the Hagfish 12-11 with a walk off home run in the bottom of the 7th to capture their first Kevin McAuliffe City Softball League Championship. The Hagfish trailed 11-4 heading into the top of the 7th, but did not want their season to end. After taking game 2 and forcing a decisive final game built up by scheduling conflicts, umpire requests and more, the game went on along the East River under the lights. With a walk off win, the Dying Quails top off a phenomenal season and the Hagfish cap a tremendous playoff run finishing in the Finals for the 2nd year in a row! #GWhyNotSoftball

8/24/2016 - Dying Quails take the first game of the Championship 8-4. The best of 3 continues 8/25 at the ER. #GWhyNotSoftball

8/20/2016 - Finals are set between the Dying Quails and the Hagfish. The Hagfish return for the 2nd consecutive year. We will have a new champion.

7/29/2016 - A few possible seed changes could occur with Monday's and Tuesday's games. See the latest bracket projections at 2016 Playoff Bracket

7/19/2016 - Great night tonight at the All Star Game. Check out the great photo. All Star Game

7/7/2016 - We're sprinting to the end of the season. We still have an undefeated team. Playoffs are targeted to start the last week of July / first week of August pending weather.

6/16/2016 - By request, the Schedule now lists the current record of each team in sync with the Standings.

6/1/2016 - Initial stages of an All Star Game developing!

5/31/2016 - The weather has been cooperating in recent weeks and we have been able to get a large number of games in. If you do not see your standings correct or results submitted, please check with your captain to reach out to the Commissioner.

5/10/2016 - Latest iteration of the schedule is now available with full schedule on track to be completed by Thursday, May 12th. Early returns have el Destructo and the Dying Quails as early season favorites!

4/30/2016 - Updated East River and Commodore Barry Permits now online. Website has been updated to now point to the 2016 Season. The League can still accommodate additional teams looking to join.

4/25/2016 - Opening week!

2015 Season

8/31/2015 - Congrats to el Destructo on their first Championship ever defeating the Hagfish.

Historical News

1/8/2013 - Sometimes it feels so great to help others. Every now and then you get to do something that makes you feel so great as it affects so many other people in a positive way. Based upon the email responses that I got back after my communication in early December, we have collectively assisted a large number of individuals impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Sparked by all of the positive responses to donate the money to a good organization, I set out to see our funds go to a specific need rather than a blanket donation. I also wanted to see our donation reach others who share their passion in the community and support outdoor recreational activities. I reached out to Rob Walsh, Commissioner for SBS, and asked him for suggestions. He put me in touch with a member of the Brooklyn Bulldogs of the 78th Precinct Youth Council who referred me to the East Rockaway Little League.

The area around East Rockaway was devastated where many lives were lost and many homes were destroyed. The Brooklyn Bulldogs reached out to their President for me to see what else they needed. After a couple rounds of communication, we donated $1500 to help them purchase a new water pump that was purchased last year, but was destroyed by the salt water. The pump supplies water for the sprinkler system to water all of the fields.

Yesterday, I received a call from the League's President, Martin Andressen. He has been working with local East Rockaway Little League for over 40 years and I cannot do justice to describe the amount of gratitude he had toward all of us for the contribution. Their League serves 800 kids with over 2000 serviced when you include Travel and neighboring use of their facilities. They'll be operating at almost 70 percent capacity this year. In addition, they have a 3 year old Challenger program for those with Special Needs.

I know many of you are aware that we also do a 50/50 each year to raise money for NSSA, which is an organization that serves many of those with autism in the NY area. Without the 50/50, I have made certain that they were not forgotten sending them a $100 on behalf of the League in addition to the $200 in name of SBS for winning the 2012 Championship.

See the letter - Hurricane Sandy Donation